The Right Strip Club and The Strippers

For some men, spending a Saturday night in a strip club or gentlemen’s club is a weekly activity. Whether you go to a strip club often or rarely, there are some elements that strippers want visitors to know before they enter the club. The more you know in advance, the more realistic your expectations will be about the other customers, strippers and bar. These tips were communicated to us by an ex-stripper.

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Strippers are also people

This should be self-evident for everyone, but it is important to remind future customers about this. If you see a stripper dancing on stage, it is allowed to look at her with eyes full of lust. This is because you came to the club for the fantasy. Just be a gentleman and remember to treat her with the necessary respect just as you would treat your own female relatives. In this way you will most likely be rewarded for your good behavior.

Strippers are at work

Sometimes customers sometimes forget that the exotic dancers try to earn a wage to live from. It may seem flattering to you when a stripper comes to sit with you between her dance sessions, remember that they expect a tip. Even though she is simply talking to you and enjoying her company, her time is precious. Never forget the golden rule: be careful not to fall in love with a stripper, if they show interest in you then in 99.99% of the cases is meant in a professional way. Strippers are expected to flirt with customers as part of their job, for which they have to earn tips from those people with whom they spent most of their time. For the bachelorette party strippers in Palm SpringsĀ  this is not a very important matter.

The drinks are expensive for a reason

Expect to pay a lot more for a beer or a cocktail; you are not faced with surprises. This also applies to the drinks that you order for your stripper. Some clubs even charge more for the drink that you order for the stripper than for yourself, because they get a share of the turnover. The worst thing you can do is to refuse to pay when you hear how expensive it is. You pay not only for the drink but also for the company of the woman.

Nobody has time for your drunken behavior

Of course you can celebrate in the club with your best friends, for a bachelor party or for impressing a new customer. Because of the exuberant behavior it is possible that you lose count of how many alcoholic drinks you have drunk. No one wants to dampen your drunken behavior. Trust us, if you are going to bother a comic strip, you will soon have problems with the flip-flop. If you know yourself that you are difficult when you have drunk, be careful.

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