Incorporates more sensuality in Lesbian sex with lesbian escorts

In sexual relationships it does not consist in ‘getting to the point’. For sexual relations to go well, sensuality must be added to the sexual life , that is, adding sensual caresses , massages and even feathers or other elements can be used for the previous games. The previous games are essential to warm up.

Improves communication

Communication is essential, not only emotionally, but also on a sexual level. If your sexual partner does things that you do not like in bed, you must feel the total freedom to express everything that worries you and you look for solutions so that both of you are comfortable in your sexual relations.

This does not mean that you have to arrange a meeting before having sex to indicate what you like or not, just talk at the sexual time to establish what you really like each one, and do it if you agree. Never be afraid to express what you feel, trust your instincts. This is crucial to enjoy sex withLondon lesbian escort.You have to know how to find solutions to sexual problems in the couple.

Sex toys

Although it is clear that, to enjoy sex between women, there are some practices that do not fail – cunnilingus, masturbation, sexual rubbing. But in addition to this, there are also many other options that you can choose to enhance and improve your sexual relations. Do not be shy about telling your sexual partner that there are some toys that you might like to include in your relationships. There are vibrators, clitoral stimulators, eggs with remote control that are all fun.


There are endless sexes toys that you can choose to include in your lesbian sex. Choose those toys that you think can excite you more, so you will enjoy both. You can go to a physical store to see the toys in the first person and touch them to choose them, or, get into a web online trust that is dedicated to selling toys and sexual elements.

Conclusion: find new areas

Sometimes women focus on what excites most to enjoy lesbian sex – clitoris and vagina. But you can find other erogenous zones also very sexual and that can put your partner a thousand.When you incorporate the sexual elements into your intimate life, you will not regret it. This is a war, which both of you must win by seducing each other.

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