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Exercises for a member – it is a long way, and, as on any path, there are joys and disappointments here. Well, the end result of this trip justifies all the efforts. You have completed the first part of your journey, the next few chapters will help you move forward. With this special changes will not happen, you just add new advanced exercises and guides.

Ideally, you will constantly add and quickly reach your goal, but unfortunately, this is just the ideal. Many men notice that as they move forward, they stumble upon a plateau — a period when any increase in size stops. Some reach the limit in 2-3 months, some, on the contrary, never stops adding. You can increase the chances of a constant increase by following a few simple rules (and even if you reach a plateau, there are a couple of ways to overcome it, you will learn about them a little later).

Be sure to do jilking

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Regardless of how many new exercises you learn, never throw jelking classes. Jelking is the captain of your team, he plays a key role in any training program and should never be on the bench. Jelking is the best exercise that stimulates blood circulation, and the best exercise for both length and width.

Alternate exercises to increase the penis

Your body has the unique ability to adapt perfectly to external influences. Your member constantly needs stress to stimulate his growth. The easiest way to get a member to adapt to external influences is a constant change of exercises. Try to change your workout programs every 2-3 weeks. Do various exercises, change the number of approaches for each of them, as well as the order of the exercises themselves. In a few months it will be quite easy to do, since you will learn a lot of new exercises and will choose from. You can even change the number of training days per week. With the bathmate permanent results the deals come perfectly.

Continue to increase the intensity and monitor the bodily signs

Your penis quickly gets used to the loads, and it must be kept in shape constantly, increasing these loads in order for growth to continue. The speed with which the growth goes is usually reduced after the first five weeks (as is the case with any other exercises, the first few weeks of training are the most useful in terms of muscle development), so the constant desire to do more than your cock used to it will help you save as much as possible.

At first, you increase the intensity in only one way – by increasing the time for performing each of the exercises. Over time, as you move forward, you will learn about two ways to increase the intensity. The first is to add advanced exercises to your workouts. It is not necessary to use all the new exercises that you learn, just change their order and each time perform different exercises from your training program. By the end of the six-month period, you will have a set of more than forty exercises to choose from.

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